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The intriguing complexity of the universe, its broad spectrum of living entities and its overwhelming strangeness are the starting point of a reflection around relativity and our perceptions that drives me to imagine alternative realities.  


The lithographs of the biologist Ernst Haeckel, extraterrestrial life shown in science fiction films as well as the Buddhist teachings on emptiness are influences and triggers for my artistic practice. 


Through the observation and reinterpretation of biological phenomena, such as microorganisms and fungi, I decompose, divide, fuse and rearrange the forms to create hybrid creatures, fantastic entities; I play with the endless possibilities of what could exist beyond our sensory field and preconceived limits.


We identify and categorize everything we perceive by using our conceptual designations and collective agreement. We create a reality based on relative concepts when in fact the identity of objects emerges from causes, temporal and subjective conditions, circumstances and the point of view and socialization of the observer. If the objects were permanent and endowed with intrinsic reality they would appear in the same way to all the perceivers. No phenomenon possesses substantial qualities and nothing exists as it appears: objectively and independently from our own mind.

The forms I create, strange and almost alien like, although they don’t fit in our categories, still have a familiarity. I intend to communicate with my work that there is a bigger diversity of life in our universe that is not limited by our mind. By blurring our preconceived categories these creatures show us how life is a continuum where we are just one possibility.

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