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Elemental Phenomena (Collaboration with Organized Matter), Presented by El SalónArtbug Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, 2022

There is a secret threshold ​between two worlds​. An elemental realm of fantastic, natural systems, raw and material; and a deep sea of intriguing microbiological entities from an outer world, both touch each other embodying a living space. The artists invite the viewer to experience this mystical landscape with the suggestion of expanding awareness and imagination into an open-ended interpretation of the natural world.
Xaus Kahal

Inadaptades (Collaboration with Gina Mier), Casa Equis, Mexico City, Mexico, 2021

Creature Container, Clamp Light, San Antonio, USA, 2020

Jardín GQ-0188, Galería de Arte Jardines de México, Morelos, Mexico, 2019